About Us

Vishal group of companies was established in the year 1970 as Vishal Electricals in Meerut. With the guidance and help of determined and highly qualified Mr. Suresh Kumar (M.D.), the company formed as an SSI unit and the brand name Vishal became compatible with CT/PT and came into existence.

In the year 1970 Vishal started the production of LTCTs and repair of distribution T/Fs. over the period of time, the company has grown to achieve great heights by adding various products which will help them gain name in electrical sector.
From 1970 to 1980 they included 11kv CTs and PTs , transformer choke and starters and also attached voltage stabilizers.

The emergence of Vishal Transformers and Switchgears (P) ltd. from Vishal Electricals happened in 1985.
In 1992 they switched over to a new plant in Rithani, Delhi Road, Meerut.
From 1995 onwards they were the major sellers of CMUs and PSEB markets and took over 95%of the market.

The involvement of Vishal increased in the year 1998 when they enrolled themselves in the 1st world bank tender in Andhra Pradesh which resulted in the excess of annual production from 400nos to 1600nos.
Furthermore they got themselves their first export order from Bangladesh because of which they were able to participate in the 1st international exhibition in the country.

The successful completion of their world bank tender was completed in 2000.
2002 was a very important year for the firm as they became the 2nd company to RDSO/CORE approval for CTs and PTs.
After this, the initiation of VTS 2nd fabrication unit was done whose capacity was 20 tones.
Having able to achieve so much in such a short time made their company came in view.
In the year 2003, they accepted with PGCIL to 33kv and additionally got their 1st 132kv CTs and PTs type tested upto 40ka for 3 seconds.
In 2004, VTS 3rd unit for ERC and PT was done upto 33kv.
Vishal working heavily got the entire range of RDSO-MRVC products type tested and approved, only body to be involved in the conversion of
Mumbai Local Trains from DC -AC Conversion which took place in 2004.
In 2008, VTS took a major step when they signed a MOU between themselves and JSJK of China for the manufacturing and marketing of – SF6 gas based CT/PT in India up to 550 KV.
In 2009 they obtained the 1st 245kv CT from Bangalore which was type tested for 40 ka for 3 seconds.
In 2010 the 1st batch of 245kv CTs was supplied to PTCUL, Dehradun./
In extension of signed MOU by VTS and JSJK China for market and manufacture of SF 6 gas but now also for GIS/HGIS/ up to 245 KV for India & Exports happened in 2011.
In 2012, VTS took a major step when it acquired over Precise Electricals of Mumbai which will be taking over the low voltage and small transformer units under Vishal Group.
Vishal also procured Hivoltrans Electricals from Vadodara which will take the manufacturing and marketing of medium voltage transformers also under the name Vishal Group. HEPL being a reputed brand within India for EHV InstrumentalTransformers.
The company soon gained status in a really short span of time by providing high and unmatchable quality products and with effective sales service at very reasonable and competitive rates . the company mainly provided their goods to the government sector and in some cases to the private sector as well.
To commit their quality and outstanding presence, the company has certification of ISO 9001:2015 has created a niche for VTSPL in the global market.
Having tremendous engineering skills and reliable products , the firm is honoured with Bharat Udyog award and Nirman Ratan award as well.
Overall Vishal has done a great business by providing the best quality products in its market segment. In the past few years vishal has been able to acquire a couple of companies which has helped them to grow at a good pace in the market.
Vishal Transformers has come a long way while making tube light chokes in 1970 to manufacturing High Voltage Instrument Transformers today. What started as a humble beginning yesterday is today’s state-of-the-art plant.
Vishal also has achieved some awards like “Bharat Udhyog” and “Nirman Ratan” which shows its prestigious presence in the market.
Generally, vishal is a well managed company who emphasis is on improving its products timely so as to maintain and secure its position.