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Vishal Transformers is equipped with the latest Design and Engineering technologies. VTSPL believes in prime quality and customer satisfaction.

VTSPL incorporates three units. Primary unit manufactures oil-cooled transformers. Secondary unit is responsible for complete fabrication. Powder coating is also done in this unit. Tertiary unit handles the complete epoxy casting system.

VTSPL has a team of qualified and experienced design engineers, production engineers and skilled design draughts men trained in advanced computer-aided designing.

VTSPL runs on customized advanced ERP (Enterprise Resource & Planning) software which enables smooth functioning of each and every department. Complex set of design calculations, bill of materials and constructional drawings can be handled by the software with ease. Complete production and planning is done with the help of ERP.

VTSPL has advanced RND department whose sole aim is to provide better technology at affordable prices.

VTSPL designs, manufactures and supplies "customized instrument transformers" to meet a wide range and ensures support services to enhance Customer satisfaction.

Testing Department is well equipped with the latest infrastructure to carryout the routine tests of transformers of various ratings ranging from 6.6 KV to 132 KV.

Today, VTSPL is focusing on increasing productivity to meet the growing needs of our country. At the same time, quality is kept well-balanced with the increase in production.