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Vishal Transformers has come a long way while making tube light chokes in 1970 to manufacturing High Voltage Instrument Transformers today. What started as a humble beginning yesterday is today’s state-of-the-art plant.

 VTSPL, due to its engineering skills and reliable products was honoured with “Bharat Udyog” award by Shri K.C.Pant, honourable minister of union government on 26th July , 1995.

Again, during 1995 on November 8th, VTSPL was honoured with “Nirman Ratan” award by Shri Mange Ram Gupta, honourable minister of Finance, Haryana.

VTSPL, due to its continual improvement policy and technological innovations is well known throughout the country. The company has its speciality in supply of metering and protection equipments in accordance with IS specifications and specifications of various electricity boards across the country. 

VTSPL is proud to be associated with one of the best companies in India v.i.z  ABB, AREVA T & D, B.H.E.L., INDIAN RAILWAYS to name a few.